Travel Diary : Boston

Wow! It has been such a crazy (but beautiful) month here in Lille. If you’ve been following my Instagram (if not, you can do it here), you will notice that I’ve been away for a few days last two weeks.

Actually, for our yearly birthday travel, Mr and I decided to return to the glorious United States of America, but this time to the East Coast. Despite a few problems at the beginning, we had a lovely time in Boston, Cape Cod, New York (too short!!! I need to get back there again!), Baltimore and Washington.

So let’s begin our Travel Diary! First up is Boston!


Stayed at Stephen and Silvia’s house in Somerville – big and lovely apartment, nice neighborhood, I highly recommend.

boston_airbnb(photo from airbnb)


{ Boston FreedomTrail  }

We started our day by following the famous Freedom Trail in Boston. It’s a path around downtown Boston that marks important monuments and places significant to the independence of the United States. Most of the attractions are free of charge or pay-what-you-want and it’s definitely an efficient way to see the city center.

Boston Common - myfavoritelist

Massachusset State House - myfavoritelist

Boston Freedom Trail - myfavoritelist

{ Promenade at Boston Common and Boston Public Garden}

Boston Common is the starting point of the Freedom Trail. It’s a public park and has been declared National Historic Landmark since 1987. Just beside this park is another beautiful park, the Boston Public Garden. This is where you can find George Washington Statue and charming swan boats.

Boston Commun - myfavoritelist

Boston Public Garden | myfavoritelist

Boston Public Garden | myfavoritelist

{ Window Shopping at Newbury Street }

Newbury Street is a lovely street where you can shopping, high-street or luxury, with fashionable brands such as Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Jack Spade and Levi’s. The street is lined by classy 19th century brownstones and reminds me a bit of posh London neighborhood.

newbury street - myfavoritelist

newbury street - myfavoritelist

{ Playing nerd at MIT and Harvard }

After one day of sightseeing, Mr and I went to MIT and Harvard campus. Having heard a lot of legendary stories about these two schools and their respectable alumni, we wanted to take a look by ourselves and feel the vibe. Harvard is actually located in Cambridge and not Boston, but it really is close by (around 20 minutes bus from MIT campus).

MIT Building - myfavoritelist

MIT Building - myfavoritelist

harvard library - myfavoritelist

harvard natural history museum - myfavoritelist


{ Lobster roll at Quincy Market }

We had our lunch at Quincy Market in Boston. You have a myriad of choice, from the famous chowder to lobster rolls, Italian, Greek salad and much much more. However the food price was a little exaggerated in my opinion (we paid almost $30 for two lobster rolls and drinks).

Quincy Market - myfavoritelist

Lobster roll - myfavoritelist

{ H Mart, Cambridge }

For dinner we wanted something lighter so we went to H Mart in Cambridge. H Mart is an asian supermarket where you can find Korean, Chinese and Japanese munchkins and fresh groceries. I had tofu ramen and we bought some cakes for night-time snacks in bed.

tofu ramen - myfavoritelist

h mart - myfavoritelist

h mart - myfavoritelist

Well, we had a good start of our holiday in Boston. I really like the big city vibe with urban lifestyle. The fact that the two most famous university in the world are situated in the heart of the town really makes it always moving and changing. Overall, a great time in Boston!


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