Do : Lille 3000

Happy Friday everyone!

In one week time Mr and me will be leaving for Canada for two weeks holiday. You can say that both of us are very excited. In the mean time in Lille, great things are happening as well, such as the annual Braderie de Lille last two weeks and the much awaited Lille 3000 opening parade on Saturday.

Lille3000 Gare Lille Flandres | myfavoritelist

Clouds by Lucy + Jorge Orta, Studio Orta

For those who do not know, Lille3000 is an art and cultural activities created in 2004 after Lille’s designation as European Capital of Culture. Starting from this weekend until January next year, many artistic events will be organized, such as photo and art exhibitions, parade and artwork installation all over the town.

Each event has its own theme, for example during Bombayser de Lille in 2006 we had colourful Indian influenced exhibitions. In 2009, the event was called EuropeXXL and it was organized to celebrate the spirit of Europe especially the Eastern Europe countries.

This year the wind travels far far away to celebrate the spirit of Renaissance or the rebirth.  Five cities were chosen to represent the theme : Rio de Jenerio, Detroit, Eindhoven, Phnom Penh and Seoul. All these cities share the same history, being forgotten or abandonned after a disaster, economic crisis or war but now they are making a come back. Rio and its favelas, Detroit and its empty car factory as well as Phnom-Penh with its war, all these cities have been in such a hard time yet they transform themselves and emerge with creative young minds and artists.

All these influences and creative process are demonstrated during Lille3000. MOCAD, Museum of Contemporary Art of Detroit art exhibition at Gare Saint Sauveur is on top of my list but I’ll make sure to do as much as I can to visit all the events.

Visit the website here for more info or follow my Instagram since I’ll definitely be posting photos as well.

Till then, have a great weekend (mine is sure will be busy but interesting)! 



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