Travel Diary : Quebec City, Canada

Hello! It has been such a long hiatus from my last post (before my holiday in October). Rest assured, everything is going very well and I even have a big big change coming next year.

Before anything else, I would love to share with you guys photos from my last trip to Canada. We arrived in Quebec City after 7 hours flight from Paris. We took Air Transat, a Canadian airline which offers quite a good deal for flight tickets to multiple destinations in Canada. The flight was OK but unfortunately without individual screen, 7 hours seemed quite long.

Flight Canada | myfavoritelist

We were expecting cold weather but basically it was almost the same with Europe, maybe slightly colder but still manageable. Quebec City was our first destination and it really was a lovely debut of our Canadian adventure.

Our Airbnb host, Flavie was a French expat who arrived in Quebec City in 2005. Her apartment was situated near Montcalm neighborhood and easily connected to the center by public transport. We arrived in the afternoon and spent our first evening to explore the Parliament Hill area.

Parliament Hill Quebec Canada | myfavoritelist

The Parliament is the huge and impressive building served as the home of Parliament of Quebec. The architecture was heavily influenced by European style. Around the building you can also find a number of sculptures of significant people in the history as well as a superb garden.

We also explored a little bit of Rue Saint Jean, one of the oldest and most popular streets of Quebec City. Here you can find great shops and restaurants but it definitely was quite pricey.

Since it was almost Halloween, the area was beautifully decorated with huge pumpkins, scary witches spiders and lanterns.

We ended the night with a dinner at a pizza place on Rue Saint Jean (not typically Canadian but we were exhausted with the travelling). I’ll show you more of Quebec City in my next post!

Till then, merry christmas everyone and happy holiday! Say hi to Santa for me!


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