Travel Diary : Toronto, Canada

Hey hey!

Hope you guys are doing fine. How time flies! It’s been eight months since we’re moving back to Malaysia but it felt like it was just yesterday that we bid our friends goodbye. Anyway, in this post I’ll show you the next city that Mr and I visited in Canada, which is Toronto! Among all the city that we’ve visited in Canada, this is my favorite one. It’s spacious, green, modern but not overwhelming or hectic.

We first visited the downtown area, near the Rogers Center and Toronto towers. We arrived quite in the evening so we just continue to stroll amidst the high skyscrapers. There was a Blue Jays match that day so the area was a little bit crowded but the atmosphere was joyous.




The view of Toronto Tower from the Union Station was amazing. Since we were driving almost the whole day, we decided to take it easy and just had a nice walk in town without any tourist purpose or whatsoever.




It was getting chilly so we finally ended our evening at one of the biggest mall in Toronto, Eaton Centre. The next morning we woke up quite early and went to Toronto Island, where we had one of the most beautiful scenery of Canada. I’ll show you all that in my next post! Till then, take good care!


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