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Christmas Gift Series : The Gourmet

A taaable! Today’s gift guide is specially composed for the gourmet and the food lover. Believe me, since I first arrived in France, my taste bud has definitely changed. La France, of course is the country of good food and good wine. Sometimes french food can be too traditional for me, other times too intimidating … Continue reading

Happy Monday!

Hello everyone! How’s your Christmas/New Year preparation going on? I had a relaxing weekend, less hectic than last weekend and I am very happy about it. We went to see “Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug” and once again, I was really impressed by the visual effects of the fim, enchanting in some scene, eerie … Continue reading

Christmas Gift Series : For Him

Hi there! Next on my gift series is for the man of our live (or maybe the second one actually, after our beloved dad). Obviously I was thinking about my own Mr. when I did this list. Main theme for the gift list is film and movies, completed by a classic sweater as well as … Continue reading