Ann Yasin is a Malaysian expat living in Lille, France since 2006. Having a strong background in IT sector, her interests build naturally around web and mobile technology as well as in social media.

Her years of studying abroad in France has introduced her to her other passions – travel, fashion, food, architecture and design.

Her blog is a way of sharing her experience of exploring new things and meeting new people. Also,knowing that there are not so much information of her hometown Lille in English out there in the world wide web, she enjoys doing guides and giving tips and tricks of restaurants, shops and events around Lille.

Say her hello here in myfavoritelist, by email or connect with her elsewhere on :
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– Email : ann_yasin@yahoo.com

All photos are taken by Ann Yasin or else she will surely quote the sources. If you would like to include myfavoritelist photos in your articles or blogs, please be a sweetie to have a visible link back to this blog! Thanks


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ann, it’s really interesting to follow another fellow Malaysian expat. I do enjoy all things French and have been there a few times but could never commit to learning French-much to my boyfriend’s dismay. I’ll just have to continue to mime and struggle through the whole language barrier. Meanwhile, keep on blogging. I’ll be in France again, at the end of the year-mainly Northern France…your blog will inspire me to frenchify myself.

    • hi Ying! nice to meet you!
      If you want to visit the north of France, now is a very good timing…Lille is organising Lille3000 from now until January 2013. It’s a mix of contemporary art show, exhibitions and other cool stuffs… don’t hesitate to contact me if you are around :)

  2. Hi Ann, Yes! I’m finally gonna be in Lille–we’re planning to take the bus from London to Lille on Dec 23 and might even try to spend New Year’s eve there. Any ideas? Will at least try to make it for Lille3000 if not. :)

    • Hi there, hope you have safely arrived in Lille…I suggest you take a look at LAM museum as they have a very interesting art collection..unfortunately it rains a lot here so be prepare with your umbrella! :)

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