Eat : Tea at Ridder and Hove, Kortrijk

ridder & hove |myfavoritelist

In my first post  on Kortrijk (you can read it here) I mentionned that we went to have tea time (more coffee than tea actually) in a tea house at the town center. The tea house is called Ridder&Hove, situated at Voorstraat. It was a small but lovely tea shop, with a number of bread, pasteries and pies.

ridder & hove |myfavoritelist

ridder & hove |myfavoritelist

ridder & hove |myfavoritelist

ridder & hove |myfavoritelist

ridder & hove |myfavoritelist

It was a love at a first sight for me with this piece of pie. It is called “la tarte brésilienne” (or Brazilian pie in English). The recipe is actually from Belgium, and not from Brazil, as the name says.

As you can see in the photo below, the pie has a sweet and creamy base of crème patissière (custard) and then topped with crème chantilly (whipped cream). Lastly, to complete the lush, the pie is sprinkled with some crunchy pralinés (sugared almond).

ridder & hove |myfavoritelist

Ridder&Hove may not be the best pastry shop I’ve ever been but if I live here, it will definitely be one of my to-go place to spend my weekend and indulge in some sweets.

Voorstraat 7, 8500 Kortrijk
Till then, have a nice day!

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