Visit : Kortrijk, Belgium

One of the things that I appreciate the most about Lille is the proximity of this town with other European cities. Within 30 minutes of train ride and a merely 8€ of train ticket, we arrive at our neigbour country Belgium.

So last weekend Mr and I went to Kortrijk (or Courtrai in french), one of the last Belgian towns that we haven’t visited yet. Truthfully, we didn’t have any real plans in mind but I did some reasearch online of course before going, just to get myself informed of interesting things to see there.

Kortrijk | myfavoritelist

There was a thick fog when we first arrived at the town and we barely could see things around. We arrived around 10a.m. and town was still slowly rolling out.

Kortrijk | myfavoritelistWe first took a tour at the historical neighbourhood, mainly at the street of beguinage. Classified by UNESCO as World’s Heritage, béguinage is a small community  of religious movement of women founded in the 13th century. The houses are now served as residential area as well as home to few cafés and restaurants.

beguinage | myfavoritelist

beguinage | myfavoritelist

beguinage | myfavoritelist

Much of the architecture in Kortrijk is Medieval-style, as you can see in the pictures above. In the newer section of the town however, there is also a modern indoor shopping centre, K in Kortrijk where you can find shops such as Zara and H&M.

kortrijk | myfavoritelist

kortrijk | myfavoritelist

We went back to Lille in the afternoon after a healthy lunch at La Place restaurant and a generous tea at a tea house. It was a short visit but it was what we needed, a little change of scene without changing much.

Have a nice day!


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